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Character: Mikumo Osamu
Age: 15
Canon: World Trigger
Canon Point: Chapter 164


Mikumo is a conscientious, dedicated student who was recently inducted into Border, a local agency concerned with defending his city from interdimensional interlopers called Neighbors. Though he didn’t grow up in Mikado City, and thus was personally unaffected by the mass incursion of Neighbors on Earth some years ago, Mikado was personally close to his private tutor, Rinji Amatori. When Rinji ended up abducted by the Neighbors during an attempt to visit a Neighbor world, Mikumo blamed himself, cursing both his inability to save Rinji or help protect Rinji’s younger sister, Chika (herself often a target of Neighbor attacks). As a result, Mikumo enlisted in Border in order to protect Chika and others like her.

Serious, dutiful, and determined to a fault to help others, Mikumo constantly butted heads with local bullies and by all appearances appears to have been a responsible, rule-abiding student. Though his status as a Border agent granted him the power to physically overpower ordinary humans, Mikumo refused to use it to help him fight aforementioned bullies – which meant that he could generally rely on getting beaten up for his trouble. He preferred dealing with them by “ignoring them” and refusing to “bring [him]self down to their level”, though this approach was generally ineffective and made him a further target. Basically, he was a massive goody-two-shoes.

Despite his efforts to toe the line, Mikumo quickly found himself under fire from within Border for using his Trigger abilities to fight Neighbors that attacked his school (though he ended up saving lives, trainees like Mikumo were not allowed to officially engage Neighbors). Mikumo ran into further trouble when he met a humanoid Neighbor, Kuga Yuma: after he became convinced Yuma was a ‘good’ Neighbor, Mikumo shielded him from detection by other Border agents and was eventually found out. Eventually, however, things blew over, and he convinced Yuma to join Chika and himself in a shared mission: become A-rank Border agents, and thus receive official permission to visit Neighbor worlds and search for Rinji.

Though Mikumo professes to value societal rules and regulations, he’s quick to toss everything aside if a life is at stake. Honest to a fault, he also seems incapable of either changing this behavior or lying to his superiors when asked if he’d do the same thing again (answer: yes!). For this and the rest of his straightforward nature, Mikumo is sometimes labelled a ‘hero type’ by others, though he himself insists that he is most certainly not a hero of any kind. When asked, Mikumo professes that he acts as he does because he’s convinced that if he allows himself to avoid doing the right thing even once, he’ll turn tail and run when the choice truly matters.

Unlike many of his fellow Border agents, Mikumo is comparatively weak and inexperienced in battle; he compensates by throwing himself into practice and endlessly agonizing over strategies that can help he, Yuma, and Chika thrive in Border’s highly competitive team skirmish environment (despite their individual flaws). For example, when thrust into a team battle royale against a sniper team and a gunner team, Mikumo manipulates the battle setting to blatantly favor the snipers, naturally nudging the gunners to focus all their attention on tracking the snipers down and avoid getting picked off themselves. Though his combat abilities have improved over time, Mikumo constantly compares himself to more veteran agents, and thus is convinced that doing extensive research on his rivals and forming such strategies is the only way he can make up for his deficits – and to be fair, his creativity often yields surprising results, such as when he’s able to tie a one-on-one match with a top Border agent. Overall, however, his fellow agents regard Yuma as the team ace, and Mikumo and Chika as one-trick ponies (which Mikumo is totally fine with!).

Mikumo is a fairly mellow individual and rarely displays anger (the notable exception being right after Rinji’s disappearance, during which his anger at his own powerlessness drives him to join Border). Rather, he’s usually in a state of calm (when not under pressure) or low-grade panic (generally in battle). His ability to slow down and think through a situation, even when in grave danger, is extremely valuable to his teammates and probably his best redeeming trait as a Border agent; it is when this ability is disrupted that he or his team often suffer the most debilitating defeats.

Mikumo is generally polite and honest, but can sometimes be accidentally insensitive/absentminded; for instance, Mikumo doesn't seem to hit upon the idea of Chika joining Border until it’s presented to him, meaning that he basically decided as a matter of course that Chika was a victim requiring protection and not a potential ally. Oops. As yet another example, Mikumo is often so absorbed in scheming up ways for himself and his Border team to improve that he sometimes neglects the little social niceties expected of a junior agent, like pretending that he's not planning to claw his way up the team rankings charts as quickly as possible. On the other hand, Mikumo’s thoughtlessness is never malicious!

However clueless he may be by nature, Mikumo isn’t incapable of learning. After viewing a press conference in which Border planted reporters with prescripted questions to shape the line of inquiry, for example, he uses a similar tactic to drive a conversation with the Border higher-ups and get approval to enlist a Neighbor as an official Border agent (a neighbor that had just tried to attack the city, even!). In fact, learning (particularly new battle tactics) is Mikumo's #1 priority, to the point where his team has been described as "greedy for new strategies".
Mikumo is a Border agent, meaning that he uses a specialized piece of technology called a Trigger to defeat interdimensional invaders into his home city, Mikado. At its most basic level, using the Trigger temporarily replaces his real body with a body made entirely of Trion (a sort of life energy). This Trion body is largely immune to ordinary physical attacks, and provides Mikumo with increased strength and speed (for example, he's able to move large pieces of rubble aside to help townspeople escape).

If Mikumo's Trion body is damaged beyond repair, it dissolves, leaving his considerably weaker physical body behind. Because the Trion body cannot be repaired, Mikumo must generate a new Trion body to use every time this happens, which takes both time (1-2 hours) and Trion. Mikumo can also adjust the amount of pain he 'feels' when his Trion body is damaged.
Mikumo's Trigger also allows him to access a limited number of trigger functions:
  • Raygust: A combination sword and shield whose shape can be changed by the user.
  • Thruster: A trigger that can propel the Raygust at high speeds.
  • Asteroid: Basically a straight-out energy attack. At its most basic level, it can be used to fire one large blast of Trion, but it can also be divided up into multiple smaller 'bullets', whose power and speed can be varied.
  • Spider: Wires that can be spread out across a battlefield. The color of the wire can be changed.
  • Shield: An energy shield.
  • Bagworm: A trigger that renders Mikumo invisible to remote tracking (though he is still physically visible)
  • Bail out: If Mikumo is too badly injured, this function will automatically return him to headquarters. Bail out can also be manually activated at any time using a verbal command.
  • Communicator (standard to all agents): Enables telepathic communication between Border agents within earshot of each other.
  • Radar (standard to all agents): A trigger that detects the position of Trion bodies within an area, unless they are cloaked. The range would cover a fairly large swath of a town.
Mikumo is a clever and inventive fighter, but is hampered by his relatively low level of Trion, which limits the amount of energy he can expend during battle and also limits the effectiveness of his weapons. He compensates by doing research on his opponents before a fight whenever possible.

Additionally, though Mikumo himself has a limited amount of Trion available, he can work in concert with someone else, borrowing their Trion to power his own attacks. When Chika lends him her vast Trion reserves, for instance, Mikumo is able to destroy a high-level enemy soldier in a single attack. 

Alignment: Sosyne. Most of the crucial moments in Mikumo's life have come down to a matter of anger or calm. It was his anger over his own helplessness and inability to aid his friend Chika that led to him enlisting as a Border defense agent, and his ability to stand back and calmly evaluate his options is the only way he's able to survive in the intense battles that an agent must face.

General Sample:

Emotion Sample: Mikumo placed the little bowl on top of the table. Inside, a bedraggled-looking fish, about five centimeters long including its drapelike tail, swam dejectedly in place. It reminded him of those scraggly goldfish he saw in pet shops sometimes; he couldn't tell if the sad state of its fins were due to disease or its equally harried former tankmates.

He sat down next to the table and closed his eyes. And thought back, to the conclusion of the battle with Katori Unit and Kakizaki Unit. How, for the first time, he'd felt excited before the match. How it felt when the final score was announced.

5-1-1, Tamakoma. Even if he wasn't the strongest or fastest, he'd finally found a way to truly support his teammates. At last, he could looked the people who'd helped him in the eye...!

He opened his eyes. Was it his imagination? No: the little fish's eyes looked clearer, its fins more filled out. It seemed to have regained some of its luster and color, too.

"Sorry for using you as a guinea fish, um... Charlie," he said, giving it a sheepish little smile. "But it looks like it worked!"



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